Recommended Applications

This article contains a list of free and/or open source applications I recommend for various tasks.  I use some of them, others come highly recommended.  This is current as of January 3, 2010.  I will periodically repost newer editions of this as needed.  Go to the next page for a full listing of applications.


AVG Free (
A free anti-virus utility.  Once upon a time, it was the most recommended anti-virus software.

ClamWin (
I’ve never used this particular antivirus utility, but I know PortableApps adds it to some of their distributions.


Itunes Library Updater (
Free utility that syncs itunes libraries to a set of folders.

Free/open source media player

Disk Burning

InfraRecorder (
Great free disk burning utility.  It will burn just about anything.

File Compression

7-zip (
Free/open source file compression utility.  Supports Windows/Unix/etc formats.

Image Editing

Free/open source image editor.  GIMP is a full-featured free alternative to Photoshop.

Infanview (
Free photo viewer/batch editor.

Picasa (
Free photo library/viewer/editor by Google.


Filezilla FTP Client (
Free/open source FTP client.

Mozilla Firefox (
Free/open source Web Browser

Mozilla Thunderbird (
Free/open source email application.

Pidgin IM (
Free/open source instant messaging application.

Pidgin IM Facebook Plugin (
Free/open source Facebook plugin for Pidgin IM.

Putty (
Free Telnet/SSH client.

WinSCP (
Free/open source SFTP, FTP, and SCP client.

Other Utilities

CutePDF (
Free utility that will allow you to save anything you can print to a PDF.  Simply select CutePDF as the printer you want to use.

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A small town Computer Scientist / Software Engineer. Chad enjoys writing Python and JavaScript as well as tinkering with his Raspberry Pi and Arduino. When not programming, he enjoys Photography (especially lightning) and Sci-Fi.

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