Bringing the Internet to Mars and Beyond

With the exploration of space and the eventual colonization of Mars humanity needs to establish a method for improving internet connectivity for people on the surface.

One method of achieving this is to place one or more satellites in high orbit around the planet.  These would use interplanetary internet(delay tolerant) technology and protocols to service requests as well as actively mirror content for primary sites located on Earth.  The goal of this strategy is to reduce the latency of user requests from 8-48 minutes down to at most a few seconds for popular content.

What is needed for a single node:

  • High bandwidth communications equipment similar to what would have been on the Mars Telecommunications Orbiter.
  • A cluster of servers in an a spacecraft the the size of a supply module.  Something similar to Microsoft’s Project Natick would be about right for a first generation.  There would be a redundant capacity built in to cover eventual server failure.
  • A heat management system.
  • A nuclear power generation system.

Now we just need NASA, Microsoft, SpaceX, Amazon (w/Blue Origin) AWS – Mars, or Google to make it happen!

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Recommended Applications

This article contains a list of free and/or open source applications I recommend for various tasks.  I use some of them, others come highly recommended.  This is current as of January 3, 2010.  I will periodically repost newer editions of this as needed.  Go to the next page for a full listing of applications. Continue reading →

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Paid WiFi in Establishments

I have a particular gripe about businesses that charge for the wifi in their establishment.  To me, it seems like idiocy to pay up to $15 a month for wifi access at a business.  Evidently there are alot of people out there that do it because it seems to be popular.  Wifi should be a perk to visiting your establishment, not another product.  I guess until people grow a brain and stop paying, no one will wise-up.

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Musical Generation By Grid

I found this site via stumbleupon and I think its very neat and different.  Basically it synthesizes music based on what squares of a grid are populated.  I’ve toyed with it for awhile and think its pretty neat.  Check it out here:

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Bringing the Internet to the Far Reaches of the World

I found a semi interesting video this morning on CNN.  It has to do with a company’s plan to bring the internet to the farest reaches of the world via satellite.  It is supposed to be low cost and affordable.  Personally, I don’t know what the business model looks like and while this looks interesting, I’d say it might be hard to make it profitable.

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