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Curiosity – Complete Decent Video In HD

Curiosity Landing - Sky Crane Stage

Artists rendering of Curiosity landing on mars with the sky crane.

A new, enhanced version of Curiosity decent video has been created.  The original NASA release was only thumbnails.  This video is available in up to 1080p and it looks amazing.

Here are some links for more information on Curiosity:





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A Tron-Inspired Performance By Wrecking Crew Orchestra

This is a dance routine by the Wrecking Crew Orchestra, a dance group from Japan.  This video was taken at one of their performances of a Tron-Inspired routine.  Its a pretty awesome concept and even better video.

Source: YouTube

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VR Game Controllers

A discussion I was in yesterday got me to thinking about improved game displays and controllers.  That lead me to do a little searching based on a link I was sent.  Turns out there are several youtube videos relatively close to the idea I had in mind.  Hit the next page for more. Continue reading →

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I found this online video series today.  I’ve only watched the first episode so far.  For an online series, it isn’t bad.

From Crackle: 1: Fubar
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Stargate Universe Premieres Friday

Stargate Universe premieres this Friday and if the trailer is anything to judge by, it will be spectacular.  Give it a watch!

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AVATAR Trailer

Here is the official trailer for the much awaited Avatar movie that is due in theaters this December.

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Tron Legacy

A new trailer for Tron Legacy was debuted at Comic-Con this year.  Here it is (HD available).  The movie comes out in 2010.

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