iPhone 5 / Verizon 4G – No Bars / 3g No Service Fix


You’ve got a iPhone 5 that reports that it has 4g LTE service but 0 bars and, if you turn off LTE, it reports  No Service under 3g.



The fix, turn off all roaming . Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Roaming – Turn off all settings here.

Posted by Chad Dotson

A small town Computer Scientist / Software Engineer. Chad enjoys writing Python and JavaScript as well as tinkering with his Raspberry Pi and Arduino. When not programming, he enjoys Photography (especially lightning) and Sci-Fi.


Thanks, Dude. You solved something the verizon techs couldn’t. : /

I experienced the same issue today and Verizon people couldn’t help me. I followed the above instructions and it worked. Thanks a bunch

Thanks not sure how my voice roaming was turned on but it’s off now and everything is normal! I thought I was going to have to buy another phone, thanks for this info! It worked for me!

Thanks, Chad! On point with diagnosis in the small town!

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! You solved my huge issue…so easily!! I am so thankful!

You are my hero! I thought I was going to have to buy a new phone. What a relief!!

Fixed! Awesome. This was driving me crazy. The iPhone is an iPhone 5.

Thanks so much! I had a problem with my phone and now it’s fixed. I really appreciate it.

Thank you!!

I have an iPhone 5 and have been trying to find a solution for this issue. All aspects of the iPhone work, except for being able to make or receive phone calls. Most websites simply rehash what Apple Support suggests, including removing the SIM card and/or resetting the phone. Removing the SIM card on the iPhone 5 requires removing the back cover. A special screwdriver is needed, which most people do not have – a Pentalobe screwdriver (0.8 mm). Continuing to search for a solution, I ran across this site. I turned off ROAMING and immediately regained my signal strength. I turned ROAMING back on, and it is still showing four out of five dots for signal strength. Apple’s gurus should be aware of this simple fix and add it to their support page as an option to try. Thank you, Mr. Dotson, for posting this information.

Barb Nemecek

Thanks Chad,
Still the only thing that worked in June of 2019

Rob Albino

Thank You Chad!
Called Verizon last night and of course they told me “I need a new phone” thanks to your wisdom my iPhone5 is back-What a relief!

Christina Dayton

Thank you! Fixed my phone too as of 8/5/19! No new phone for me!

Thanks a bunch for this info! I had a minor freak out moment :) phone is able to make calls now.

Thank you so much! You saved me the price of a new phone!

You are amazing chad !!!!

It fixed my phone

You da man. This was a problem I’d been having for hours (rebooted iPhone several times, reset network settings, removed and re-inserted SIM card, then googled for more information, read more instructions etc.). It took me 5 seconds to change the Roaming setting per your instruction and viola, it works !!!!
May your tribe increase.

P.S: I did NOT want to call Verizon, I would be put on hold for for God knows how long, and probably to only hear them tell me how old my iPhone was and that it was time to get a new one. Thanks.

This worked for me too! Thanks!

Thank you this worked!!!

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