PyCharm and Version Control

So, you want to add your PyCharm project files to a VCS but you constantly deal with problems because each of your team members have different names/locations for their project interpreter.  There is a rather simple solution to this problem.  Basically, at the project level, PyCharm only cares about the name of the interpreter, not the location.  Follow these instructions to give your interpreter a name that is consistent across developers and then use that in your project files to fix the issue.

    1. Open PyCharm
    2. Select File >> Settings (or Configure >> Preferences if you don’t have a project open).
    3. Search for the Project Interpreter setting (this will also work if you don’t use the project interpreter in your run configurations).
    4. Hit the little gear box next to the project interpreter then select More.
    5. Select the interpreter from the virtual environment of your choice and hit the edit button.
    6. Now give it a unique name (preferably identifiable and related to your project.
    7. Now, select that unique name as your default project interpreter or your run configurations.
    8. Commit
    9. Make sure each team member does the same.

Now whenever you update or commit, you won’t constantly see changes associated with people selecting their interpreter.

If you want to know more, I definitely recommend reading a thread over at Jetbrains’ Support.

Posted by Chad Dotson

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