June 15, 2011 Lightning

Tonight turned out to be one of the best nights I’ve had for lightning photography.  I was able to place my camera outside under the new awning over the deck and take a ton of photos.  Since this particular storm was so energetic, I was able to capture lightning in a majority of the photos I took.  Here are a selection of the photos I took tonight.

[thumb id=1831,1832,1833,1834,1835,1836,1837,1838,1839,1840,1841,1842,1843,1844,1845,1846,1848,1849,1850]


Posted by Chad Dotson

A small town Computer Scientist / Software Engineer. Chad enjoys writing Python and JavaScript as well as tinkering with his Raspberry Pi and Arduino. When not programming, he enjoys Photography (especially lightning) and Sci-Fi.

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