The Flood of Social Media Posts – Whats Wrong, How To Mitigate It, How To Fix It

What’s Wrong

Since its creation, social media has taken off at an exponential rate.  Each day more and more people are creating accounts and contributing to the feed.  Facebook is the service most readily adopted, mainly because of the people already on it.  In the case of Facebook, lets say that the typical user has 200-300 friends and lets say that just a quarter of those (50 of 200) are enthusiastic posters (2-3 posts/day).  That equates to somewhere north of at least 100 posts per day then add to that the posts from your other friends.  Lets make a guess of an overall total of 200 posts/day on just that one social media outlet.  Facebook’s solution to the inundation of posts is the top posts vs recent posts feature.

Skip to the services that I think are the most susceptible to inundating users with content: Twitter and Pinterest.  As a user of Twitter, it seems that I have trouble following over 40 people.  Once upon a time I followed near 90 people and found that useful posts actually got buried in the noise.  Pinterest on the other hand seems to violate all that is good with respect to UI design; it is way to busy and your eyes don’t follow any particular lines.  Liberal use of pinterest’s follow feature can unintentionally muddy the content you see.

Tips On Dealing With It

I think the only way to fix usage of Twitter is to limit the number of people you follow.  Pick high quality, low post rate users.  This will improve the overall quality of content you get.  For Pinterest, limit the number of users or boards you follow.

How To Fix It

How do you fix being inundated with content?  Facebook is certainly trying to fix it via their “Top Posts” feature.  The top posts feature attempts to make guesses about what you want to see based on your interests, what you’ve looked at in the past, and probably other metrics (and controversial stuff such as a recent study).  Even though I don’t care for their current top posts feature I believe Facebook is on the right track.  It all boils down to the ability to listen to everything but only pay attention to what your interested in, even when you may not 100% know yourself.

I think the ultimate “Top Posts” algorithm would take into account the following:

  • What you’ve looked at in the past. (Given)
  • Users would be given preferred tags based on what they view.
  • It would tag each post and each would receive an initial ranking based on the types of posts the user normally make.
  • The initial ranking score given to a user’s posts is a function of how well their posts have done in the past.
  • Each post’s rank is updated in each of its tags as people view them based on their rank in the tag category.

Up Next: I may decide to make a post discussing a theory of how people leave one service and adopt another.

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Apple’s Magic Mouse – A Software Engineer’s Perspective

Over the past month I’ve been trying to make the transition from my old windows environment to an OSX environment.  Part of the transition involved buying a Magic Mouse.  Apple’s Magic Mouse is definitely a very interesting device.  It is a very accurate mouse with the added capability of a gesture enabled touchpad.  While I like it, the negatives are over powering the positives… at least for me.

  • It seems too small, at least for my hand.
  • While you can scroll by using the integrated trackpad, there is no out of the box concept of a middle click.  I don’t use that when coding, but I sure use it alot when browsing the web.  I was able to get it back by installing the 3rd party tool “BetterTouchTool.”
  • The integrated trackpad is over half of the device.  I find that I mistakenly activate it alot.
  • The single action of the device whether right or left clicking is irritating.  Maybe its just the size of the device that makes this seem irritating.

While I think it maybe great for some people, I’m not sure they are great for everyone.  While I am not going to get rid of mine, I am starting to use my old Microsoft Mouse more often again.  About the only thing I miss about the Magic Mouse is the trackpad scrolling.

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Tennessee Keeps Moving Backwards

Found out today that a new law in Tennessee went into effect July 1.  Turns out now all counties are required to replace their voting machines with paper ballots.  What a way to move backwards.  Good job elected officials…  whats next dipping our fingers in paint and leaving a fingerprint of our vote?

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Paid WiFi in Establishments

I have a particular gripe about businesses that charge for the wifi in their establishment.  To me, it seems like idiocy to pay up to $15 a month for wifi access at a business.  Evidently there are alot of people out there that do it because it seems to be popular.  Wifi should be a perk to visiting your establishment, not another product.  I guess until people grow a brain and stop paying, no one will wise-up.

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DTV Transition

Well, the Congress has now delayed the DTV transition from February 17 to June 12.  Let me ask you… What will be different then?  The answer may surprise you.  NOTHING.  That is if you don’t count the amount of tax dollars going into it.  If you ask me this has been the most botched operation in history.  Heck, if it can confuse the tech savvy (and I know it has) it sure confuses the heck out of the general population.  Who do I blame for all the confusion?  Its simple, number one I blame the government.  All these ads they’ve aired are completely worthless and have done nothing but add to the confusion.  The next entity I blame is the very media that is being transitioned.  I’ve listened to months of “In x days TV will change as you know it.”  Ummm how helpful is that?  Of course, the media thrives on ratings reaped from fear mongering these days.  Quite frankly I’m sick and tired of hearing about it.  I mean if people don’t have enough sense to have already prepared, postponing the date a few months isn’t going to change anything.
Source: http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/02/04/digital.tv.delay.vote/index.html

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