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DNS Changer And What It Means To You

DNS Changer And What It Means To You

With all the fear mongering by the news outlets, I thought I’d make a short post about DNS Changer.

DNS Changer is malware that if you are infected it changes how your computer looks up website addresses.  Essentially, it tells your computer to use a service setup by criminals.  The criminals behind DNS Changer have since been caught, but with far reaching implications, arrangements were made to turn the criminals’ service into a short-term legitimate service.  Monday that service will be turned off.

To make sure you’re not infected, goto this site setup to be a quick test:  If the result is Green, you are ok and have no need to worry.

If the test fails. you will need to go here:  It contains directions and links required to get your computer fixed.

For more information, goto the DNS Changer Working Group (

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