Doing Things Better

What does “doing things better” mean? Its a question you might ask. It means that just because something works, doesn’t mean its right. It means that you should be open to change. It means that, in the end, we are never perfect and can always improve.

Good Videos From TEDxHuntsville 2011

These are from TEDxHuntsville 2011.  Thought I’d posted about these already, but I guess I forgot to.

Travis Taylor – Stay With It: You Have the Power to Change Your World

Tim Pickens – Explore, Have Fun and Live to Tell About It

Daniel Crosby – You’re Not That Great: A Motivational Speech

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Programming Progress

“Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.” – Bill Gates

I have that quote on my instant messenger. I found out Friday that someone had saw and used it. Its good that someone found it useful. It’s a very valid point to make that lines of code isn’t an accurate measure of programming progress nor complexity. As a place to start, people looking for better methods might like Feature-driven development with a meaningful estimating system like PERT, CPM, or other system.

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Excellent and Accurate XKCD

If anything belongs in my “Doing Things Better” section, this does.  I also think the timing of this comic to the creation of this section of my blog funny.  I found this comic on XKCD today and it speaks volumes and is so true.  The example problem is probably not a great one but nevertheless, doing the right thing and creating robust code is more cost efficient in the long run and will save you so many headaches over time.

Credit: XKCD November 11, 2011 –

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