Installing Technical Analysis Library for Python

I’m tinkering with some financial analysis scripts so when I got to looking into some useful python packages, Technical Anaysis Library popped up.  The python bindings require the TA Lib (Technical Analysis Library) which on osx is available via homebrew.  Now, when I originally installed I didn’t want to install it globally so I’ve got the less preferred, local install setup.  This local install results in the following necessary commands to get the pip package to install correctly.

Now that I’ve brew installed TA Lib and set the new include and library path, I can install the python bindings via pip.


Posted by Chad Dotson

A small town Computer Scientist / Software Engineer. Chad enjoys writing Python and JavaScript as well as tinkering with his Raspberry Pi and Arduino. When not programming, he enjoys Photography (especially lightning) and Sci-Fi.


Hi Chad. I’m trying to install TA-Lib at the moment and battling. I have installed my pip version and tried to install it your way. unfortunately when I get to brew install, it notifies me that it is already installed. How can I remove any installations of TA-Lib from my mac.
I have installed it previously but keep getting an error when importing it into my python IDE. It keeps saying that it can’t find the module. Please could you help me with this?
I am using anaconda’s spyder and python 3.6 on a MacBook.

brew uninstall ta-lib doesn’t remove it?

Did you install to the homebrew recommended location or a custom one?

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